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         Ultimate Facial  (90min)                     $188

Sometimes one just isn't enough: we combine any two of our most effective treatments to give you just the right facial foucusing ou your specific concerns.



       Pearl Sensation (60min)                                       $130

The multifaceted facial delivers deep cleansing, purification, oxygenation and hydration. Personalized gels are chosen to suit your specific needs to regain the

skin's natural radiant complection.



        Vitamin C  (60min)                                     $120

Brightens and smoothens skin mistreated by alcohol, tobacco and other toxins. It will also reduce the appearance of fine lines and renew your skin with vitamins to reveal a younger and healthier looking complexion.



        Retinol Lift (60min)                                     $120

This anti-aging facial derived from vitamin A, increases the rate of cellular turnover and renewal. It also reduses wrinkles and sun damage to leave you firmed and energized with a glowing complexion.



        Aromatic Facial (60min)                            $110

The use of customized essential oil blends during a pressure point massage helps you to relax and nourish your dry and dehydrated skin.



       Green Tea Facial (60min)                           $100

Your face is beautifully unique and so is this facial. No matter your lifestyle needs or desires, we'll devise a facial that leaves you scintillating.



     Special For Men Facial (60min)                $100

A nourishing facial formulated to help correct imperfections caused by daily shaving and will also sooth your skin's sensetivities.



    Express Facial (30min)                                $80

Pressed for time? Your skin will feel refreshed and clean after this quick pick me up treatment. *no extractions with this facial.

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